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The Como Engineer’s 12T Modular Pressure Zadra (PZ) plant has arrived at the Greenstone Gold Project located near the town of Geraldton, Ontario which is  located 275 kilometres northeast of the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada). 

Como Engineers completed the  pre-assembly and pre-commissioning checks at our Perth workshop prior to dismantling and delivering to site.

A total of  36 sea containers (each 40 feet in length) were dispatched to site.                                                                         

Como Engineers with assistance from  their in country agents (PacificOra) visited site recently to check on the progress of the installation.

                                        View of Greenstone Plant under construction

Martin Smith (Manager Global Markets) said “We were very happy to be able to see the progress underway at the Greenstone site.  Como Engineers is very proud to be part of such a magnificent project” he then added “and I’ve never been so cold in my entire life!”










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