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Relocations, Refurbishments & Upgrades

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Como Engineers specialise in identifying equipment and plants suitable for relocation to alternate client sites. Closure plans, scrapping and rehabilitation can be offered for all remaining redundant facilities.

Como Engineers have been involved in a number of plant relocations including the Harbour Lights and Mt Monger plants to what became the Challenger Gold Mine in South Australia; the original Telfer plant to replace and expand what is now the Cracow plant in Queensland; and many others.


Como Engineers also specialist in bringing existing and relocated operations back into production in the most cost effective way for clients. The feasibility of refurbishment versus replacement is carried out prior to the commencement of work. Scope, price and standard of outcome is also agreed upon allowing our clients to produce cash in the shortest practical time.

The Great Australia Mine, Three Mile Hill and Cracow refurbishment projects are classic examples of how Como Engineers are able to complete a full plant refurbishment to above nameplate throughput and with completely satisfied clients.


Incremental upgrades or expansions in existing operations is often the fastest and cheapest way of improving the economic viability of an operation. Como Engineers will carry out metallurgical testwork and design to confirm the outcome of any proposed expansion or upgrade. All engineering design and construction is carried out with our own in-house team.

Como Engineers has an extensive list of upgrades that it has undertaken for a variety of clients including Challenger, Paulsens and Jaguar process plants.


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