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The 3T Pressure Zadra Gold Elution plant for the Erdene Resource Development Corp (ERD) Bayan Khundii Gold Project has been pre commissioned at our workshop premises located in Maddington, Western Australia and is ready to be dismantled and packed ready for transport to Mongolia.


The modular nature of our plants will mean that once onsite, it will take around 2 weeks to construct.  A small team from Como Engineers will then commission the plant before pouring the operations first gold bar.

Como Engineers use the same model to build plants with capacities ranging from 1T to 12T per day.

At the same time that the Khundii plant is enroute to Mongolia, Como Engineers personnel will be onsite at the Greenstone Gold project in Ontario assisting with pre commissioning of the 12T PZ plant.  The temperature in Canada will be around 50 degrees cooler than in Perth.

Now that will be a change of scenery.





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