The Como Engineers office will be closed from Thursday 22 December and re opening Wednesday 4 January – we wish all our clients and suppliers (and their families) a safe and happy break over the Christmas / New Year period

To all our Valued Staff, Clients and Suppliers,

As everyone is no doubt acutely aware, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate and we in Australia are facing unprecedented challenges at this time. We at Como Engineers take the impact of COVID-19 very seriously, and the wellbeing of all our staff, clients and suppliers is of paramount importance to us.

We believe it is important to outline the steps that Como Engineers are taking to play our part in containing this virus, while still maintaining an effective and productive workforce that is able to meet the requirements of our clients.

  1. We have implemented a stop to non-essential air travel

6 weeks ago, as the impacts of the virus were starting to become evident in other countries, we reacted by implementing air travel restrictions for business on all our staff. This has now been extended to any non-essential travel.

  1. We are encouraging all our office staff to work from home.

Our team of engineers and draftspeople have always been required to work remotely as part of their normal course of business. Our systems have been developed over time and we have continuously improved our ability to leverage of new communications technology to ensure that we offer our staff can operate effectively and efficiently.

We remain open for business.

  1. We are limiting direct face-to-face contact

We have protocols in place to minimize the risks associated with meeting between our staff, clients and suppliers, including:

  • Documented COVID-19 Company Policy for staff reference.
  • Encouraging meetings to be conducted via non-contact electronic means (eg. Skype, MS Teams, Teleconference, etc).
  • Where face-to-face meetings are unavoidable, pre-vetting meeting participants prior to physical face-to-face contact through a series of questions relating to exhibiting symptoms, oversees travel, and prior contact with confirmed/suspected cases of COVID-19.

Como Engineers understand that this is a difficult time for many individuals and business and want to reiterate our ability to continue to operate effectively and offer the high levels of professional service associated with our company.

Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please take care of yourself and your family during these difficult times.


Grant Blakeman, Managing Director

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