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Greenstone Gold Mines is advancing on plans to design, construct and operate an open-pit gold mine, processing plant and ancillary facilities, collectively known as the Greenstone Mine Project

The Greenstone Mine Project treatment plant will process an average of 27,000 tonnes per day with the Como Engineers modular PZ plant being a key component of the process.

In winter, temperatures fall below -20oC.  The process plant is located inside a building to protect it from the elements.  A key component of the Como Engineers design was its ability to work with the client to fit within their footprint.

In addition, Como Engineers worked closely with Greenstone on the design to ensure that the plant could accommodate the processing of intermittent higher grade ore.

The modular aspect of the Como Engineers plant and the ability for this to be incorporated into the Greenstone Gold Mine plant design was highly valued.  Added to this was the pre assembly and pre commissioning at the Como Engineers workshops prior to delivery to site.

All of which added confidence in the Como Engineers design and approach.

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