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Modular Elution Circuits with Gold Room

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Since 1986, Como Engineers has become a recognised leader in the design and construction of modular containerised gold desorption (elution), carbon regeneration and gold refining systems. Using our extensive technical and practical experience, Como Engineers Specialist Equipment Division have developed proprietary technology to provide equipment that out performs any similar technology currently on the market. These fully furnished plants can be broken down into minimally de-constructed units and containerised, then shipped anywhere in the world. Reassembly typically takes around 2 weeks for modular plants (subject to the size of the unit) and the client simply needs to terminate reagent supplies, power and feed and return lines to the system in order to begin commissioning and operation of the equipment.


With the extensive experience Como Engineers has in the areas of desorption, carbon regeneration and refining operation and design, you can be satisfied in the knowledge that the system you receive from Como is optimised for your process and will operate efficiently and effectively.

Como’s elution systems are the bench mark for high recovery – rapid desorption and electrowinning of any system on the market. Como will undertake the full detailed process, mechanical, electrical and control engineering design eliminating design frustration for your company. We will then fabricate, trial assemble and wet commission your unit prior to it being shipped to your gold project.


Delays in construction on site may translate into expensive cost overruns and project short falls. Como Engineers’ Modular plants can help reduce or negate this aspect of your project by providing you with a fixed price – fixed time – guaranteed product in a modular form, that can be readily installed on site with minimal equipment, materials and labour.


Based on using multiples of standard modular pre-assembled designs, the larger Elution Plants provide a fully distributed approach to the elution, carbon regeneration and goldroom installations.

Traditionally larger systems would be designed by an engineering firm, procured from several suppliers and site constructed, Como Modular Plants incorporate all of Como’s extensive system design knowledge into one convenient package. Our larger Modular Plants provide the performance and flexibility that you’d come to expect from our Como Modular systems, with more spacious layouts to deliver enhanced operational and maintenance accessibilities for large capacity gold elution plants.


Como Engineers has refined the Zadra elution process and optimised it to run with the highest efficiency through proprietary system designs which optimise system flows, elution temperatures, electrowinning cell and rectifier designs and reagent combinations. When coupled with our interactive touchscreen Automation Package, the batch operated plant can complete both elution and electrowinning cycles combined in as little as 8-10 hours.

Designed to be robust, fast and effective, the Zadra process is your first choice in a desorption design, having a lower capital and operating costs, a smaller footprint compared to the AARL elution process, and it’s a little more than forgiving if your site suffers from poor water quality.


Como Engineers introduced the first Integral Pressure Strip elution circuits to the market in the late 1980’s having developed the production plant in conjunction with metallurgist Ken Baxter in Perth, Australia.

The proprietary design provides the fastest desorption and electrowinning cycle available on the market, with a 5-8 hour cycle duration. By pressurising the electrowinning cell, the gold-cyanide complex in electrowinning is destabilised and increases the electrowinning efficiency, lowering solution tenors returning back to the elution column and providing the optimal kinetics for rapid eluting of the precious metals off the loaded carbon.

With the additional benefit of low energy losses from the system as a consequence of the absence of a de-pressurising stage (as occurs in the Pressure Zadra process), it’s also the most energy efficient of all the stripping processes.


Traditional and Split AARL designs are available for the more traditional gold-cyanide elution process.


All systems can be provided as complete carbon elution, regeneration and goldroom packages or you may opt to select only one of these modules. These items can be ordered as upgrades to existing brownfields circuits or for new sites. Como Engineers also supplies all your gold equipment needs, including the popular stainless steel electrowinning cells, rectifiers, carbon regeneration kilns and gold barring furnaces, or whatever else you require.

Como Engineers can also provide you with the technical expertise to assist in both on-site erection of the plant, commissioning and operator training.

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