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Como Engineers is the Australian agent for Custom Furnaces.  We have been working with Custom Furnaces for over 20 years and value the partnership that has formed over this time.

We also value the quality product that is a market leader for reactivating carbon.  The kiln pictured is designed to treat 250 kg/hr of carbon.


Custom Furnaces has provided smaller kilns (50 kg/hr) and larger kilns capable of treating upto 1,500 kg/hr.

Kilns can be supplied as LPG/Diesel fired or electric.

Our kilns are designed to ensure a residence time of at least 20 minutes at temperature (750C) which has been documented to produce the best reactivation with respect to gold activity.

In addition, the volatiles and off gases flow co-current to the carbon.  This enusures that no re-adsorpion takes place.

At the end of the day – it’s all about getting the maximum reactivation out of your carbon before putting it back in to the circuit – so that you can recover more gold.

Poor regeneration leads to gold ending up in the tailings dam and not in the vault!










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